How We Treat Layers Of Muscles With Deep Tissue Massage
07 Jun 2020

At MY Sports injury & Osteopathy we focus on the physiological changes to tissues in the body during sports massage, these are important to influence longer lasting effects to your body.


Cellular soft tissue effects: focused on long lasting tissue changes. A deeper more firmer massage will help alter the tissue tone and improve elastic capabilities with physiological changes in tissue and cells.


Circulatory blood flow effects: Massage helps to improve the circulation of blood flow to increase oxygen to the cells, improving body temperature, and capillary blood vessels opening through increased blood flow whilst also helping to excrete toxin by-products clearing the body and removing any waste and tissue debris through lymphatic drainage system of the body. MY Sports Injury & Osteopathy is highly effective to speed up recovery rates and return back to playing sports.


Hormonal effects: Our Specialist Pain Practitioners combine Massage techniques to improve mental health and mood. Massage can release serotonin hormones in the brainhelpingto regulate mood improving mental state of well-being. This will benefit you overall making the body feel relaxed and put the mind in a better functioning mood throughout the day. Cortisol is another stress hormones which is reduced by having regular Massage by our massage therapists at MY Sports Injury.


Mechanical Effects: create changes in the body through firming massage techniques this helps push fluids throughout the body, improving tissue elasticity and helping breakdown of dense collagen fibres and trigger points which occur when damaged tissues repair itself Massage can reduce the overall symptoms of pain in the body resulting in improving range of movement and relaxation whilst working from home.

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