Best Exercises to Fix Round Shoulders
22 Jun 2020
What Is Rounded Shoulders Posture?If you are one of the people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a desk in a hunched posture, you are surely looking for a more long term sustainable solution to your rounded back & shoulders. This puts undue strain on the neck muscles to hole up the craning head peering into the computer.What causes Rounded Shoulder? At the structural level the head and neck need support from the body to keep their movements fluid and effortless. The rounding of the shoulder and back cause over-straining of the neck muscles trying to support the head. My Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic offers a sustainable solution to improve postural alignment and muscle imbalance amongst common desk workers.The position of rounded shoulders is that these are forwardly protruded and the back arched leading to excessive lumbar spine lordosis (hyper-lordosis) . In addition to this, the position of rounded shoulders is usually accompanied by the forward head posture, which makes it very important to work all these postural corrections together.The shoulder is composed of a set of joints, muscles, and ligaments that provide great mobility and stability. Occasionally, we maintain inadequate postures that put these structures in excessive tension, creating postural patterns such as rounded shoulders and forward head.Occasionally, rounded shoulders can cause pain in the shoulder or neck. Sunisa Chaiklieng and Maytinee Krusun (2015) found that a large number of office workers are exposed to the risk of ergonomics, which can trigger the position of rounded shoulders.To counteract the effects caused by this sustained posture, we compile some exercises recommended by physiotherapy experts to perform at home or in a gym. However, the best solution to improve this situation is to assist a physical health professional at MY Sports Injury Clinic | Manchester  Best exercises to fix rounded shoulders:Mobility ExercisesFor the first exercise, we must place ourselves in four points. Then, we place a hand behind our head and direct our elbow towards the ceiling so that we rotate our trunk. We perform 10 slow and controlled repetitions and make the same movement with the opposite hand.For the next exercise, you just need a chair. You put yourself back in four points, put your elbows on the chair and bring your buttocks towards your feet. You must repeat this movement at least 10 times.Strengthening exercisesFor the following exercises we must place ourselves face down on the floor (they can put a yoga mattress or a towel) we stretch our arms above the head. From this position, we should only take off the full arms and feet from the ground and stay for 3 seconds.We must repeat this movement at least 8 times.For the next exercise, we should lie on our stomachs just like the previous exercise. The difference in this exercise is that we must keep our arms at our sides. We must take off the arms from the ground and keep them off 3 seconds. Like the previous exercise, we must perform at least 8 repetitions.In the following exercise, we must place ourselves in a position of four points. From this position, we will lift one arm and the opposite leg of that arm, keeping them fully stretched we will hold that position for 3 seconds.We must perform at least 8 repetitions per side of this exercise.To these exercises, a training plan for core strengthening and postural reeducation exercises should be added. We recommend that these exercises must be supervised by a health professional / Physiotherapist. Get in touch with one of our health professionals at MY Sports Injury Manchester physiotherapy clinic, to verify that they are done correctly under the right supervision
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