4 Simple At-Home Exercises to Relieve Your Neck Pain.
22 Jun 2020
4 Simple At-Home Exercises to Relieve Your Neck Pain.1- Understanding Neck Pain and how to fix it.Whether you go out for work or you work from home, whether you are 25 years old or 65 years young- neck pain is something that we all have experienced at some point or another. There can be many reasons to trigger a neck pain, for instance- a poor sleeping posture or your neck being left at pause in the same posture for an hour at length or a more serious medical condition as Spondylosis. As a matter of fact, excessive mental stress can also be a reason causing pain in your neck and back. Neck pain, if not taken care at the right time, can aggravate and spread to your shoulders and spine too.2- the top 4  Exercises to relieve your Neck pain.Below are 4 simple at home exercises to help in loosening your muscles and alleviate you neck pain. A word of caution- practice these only if you have a heads-up from your doctor and as you do it, be gentle with yourself (/don’t be too aggressive) –Neck Tilt- From a sitting position looking straight ahead, tilt your head down slowly so that your chin touches your chest. Hold this position for five seconds then return to the starting position and repeat. Do this five times.Side-to-Side Neck Tilt- From the same sitting position as above, tilt you neck toward one shoulder, leading with your ear. Again, hold this position five seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat. Do this five times on each side.Neck Turn- Look straight at eye-level while being in sitting position. Next, turn your head to one side keeping your chin at the same level and hold for five seconds. Do this five times on each side.Neck Stretch- While holding the rest of your body straight, push your chin forward. You should be feeling a stretch in your throat as you do this. Hold this position for five seconds. Next, from the same starting position, push your chin backward and again hold for five seconds. Do the forward and backward stretch five times each.3- How to get rid of the neck pain in 6-8 weeks?You can modulate doing the above exercises anywhere between 5-8 times each, depending upon your comfort and ease. If you are just getting started, it is highly recommended that you start slow and go easy. Doing these simple exercises has shown proven results in loosening muscle stress and causing pain relief.Practising these exercises for two weeks can lead to significant relief in neck pain. With time, most likely within 6-8 weeks time, you will witness that the pain has subsided largely or has gone completely. But even after the pain leaves, you should not stop exercising as it will help in keeping your neck flexible and give those neck muscles, a much-needed regular stretch.A few points to note before you begin- firstly, you should not do these exercises if you have severe neck pain or weakness in your hands/ arms. Instead, you should visit a doctor for a medical check-up. Secondly, in case any of these exercises cause severe pain or weakness in your hands, arms or any other body part, stop right away and talk with your doctor.For a more elaborate guidance or any questions on this, you can contact us directly here4- Who can support you with your sports injuries in Manchester?Ray Ho, Sports Injury Specialist, Chinese Acupuncture for Neck / Back Problems 
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