Shoulder Pain: symptoms, causes and effects of treatment
22 Jun 2020
1. What are the main symptoms ?The shoulder is a set of joints, muscles, and tendons called scapular waist. These sets of structures allow a wide range of movement in the shoulder. However, this mobility has its price. Sometimes, instability, compression of soft tissues, or bone structures produces loss of mobility and pain. There are some places to go when you have an injury like this, if you have severe pain you can go to a to a doctor or you can go to a sports injury & Physiotherapy clinic like MY sports injury in Manchester. According to Meislin RJ, Sperling JW, 2005. The persistent pain in the shoulder is a consequence of one or several underlying pathologies, the most common being rotator cuff disorders in 10%, adhesive capsulitis in 6%, and glenohumeral osteoarthritis from 2% to 5%.As mentioned previously, the shoulder is formed by a set of structures, mainly, the humerus, the scapula, and the clavicle. The head of the humerus coapts into a rounded cavity of the scapula, called the glenoid cavity. In addition, a combination of muscles, tendons, and ligaments keep the humerus centered in that cavity and provide the stability and mobility necessary to perform the activities of daily life without injury.2. What causes shoulder pain?In many occasions, the constant use of the shoulder required in some activities causes the structures to rub against each other and become inflamed. One of the structures that suffer most due to this are synovial bursas, these are small sacs filled with liquid located between the structures to prevent them from rubbing against each other or to separate compartments.In addition, excessive use with incorrect mechanics causes micro-ruptures in the tendons, thus creating tendonitis. The tendons that are commonly affected are the tendons of the rotator cuff and one of the tendons of the biceps. Altering thus, shoulder mobility and stability. One of the best treatments for this injury is the massage; some physiotherapist offers a great sports massage Manchester, if you’re looking for a good Sports physiotherapist Manchester MY Sports Injury Clinic.Another one of the injuries that causes a strong pain of shoulder are the tears of tendons. These are caused by acute injuries or degenerative changes. In the most extreme cases, the tendon is completely torn from the bone.According to Kibler, Ben W. 2003. Scapular dyskinesia increases the functional deficit in shoulder injuries. It alters the movements of the scapula during the movements of elevation of the arm, caused by the disorganisation or inhibition of the activation patterns of the muscles that stabilise the movements of the scapula.Also, compression injuries produce great pain and functional disability. In the shoulder, this injury occurs due to the pressure exerted by the acromion on the soft tissues that lie beneath it. This causes bursitis and tendinitis, causing pain and limitation of movement. Even with the pass of time, this compression can cause a tear of the rotator cuff, specifically of the supraspinatus muscle.3. How to treat a shoulder injury?On many occasions, shoulder pain is caused by inadequate postures or inadequate mechanical during our daily activities. We recommend that if you spend a lot of time sitting down, doing activities where you have to keep your arm above your head, or repetitive movements that require shoulder strength, you must do break intervals every hour or go to physiotherapy Manchester. This in order to relax the area of ​​the neck and shoulder, relax the muscles of the arms and prevent muscle spasms.On the other hand, if the pain is minimal, you don’t have to ask yourself, how to heal shoulder injury? Because in this case, it’s very simple, you should let the shoulder rest a little, and then you should make gentle movements to promote blood circulation and stimulate the relaxation of the shoulder muscles. It is not advisable to immobilise the shoulder completely because of the lack of movement weakens the muscles and causes the shoulder to become stiffer.If you have severe pain, you can apply ice to the painful area for 10 minutes (wrap the ice on a piece of cloth) or if you are in Manchester you can go to the nearest sports massage clinic in Manchester clinic to help you diagnose and fix this problem.We would suggest you to go to a physiotherapist or go to a sports injury & Physiotherapy clinic. A physiotherapist is a health professional that has the necessary knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and rehabilitation. He will perform an evaluation in which he will diagnose the exact cause of your shoulder pain. After this, it will determine the treatment that will be effective for you. Among them, massage, heat, cold, acupuncture, stretching, yoga or physio led pilates for shoulder injury, and exercises.We hope this information is valuable to you.If you need some support and you would like to check your shoulder injury
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