Best exercises to avoid shoulder pain and injuries
22 Jun 2020
Shoulder Pain Injury in the gym is common amongst weight lifters in the gym. When performing heavy lifting aching pain and discomfort in the shoulder occurs? There are many people who due to bad execution of an exercise or a shoulder injury suffer from pain. A very popular exercise is the Flat Bench Press.This exercise is focused on working the muscles of the chest, but activates in an accessory and stabilizing way the muscles of the arm and shoulder.2. Main causes of shoulder injuries when exercising.Have you ever suffered any shoulder pain while doing bench press?When the Bench Press is performed incorrectly, using an inappropriate technique, it causes tension in areas of the shoulder that is susceptible to injury to the Acromio-clavicular Joint (ACJ). Cervical neck nerve roots can also become compressed or irritated causing pain and numbness into the shoulder / forearm.3. Best Exercises to prevent shoulder injuries when working out.To improve the painful shoulder situation during the Bench Press, we have created together alongside some experts in sports physiotherapy a series of mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises. You can do them in the comfort of your home or in a training center.3.1. Stretching shoulder exercisesPlace your hand on the top of the back of a chair and take a step or two back, the arm should be fully stretched and you feel the tension in the biceps and chest. If you feel any discomfort during this exercise, keep stretching to where it does not cause pain.Place your hand on the elbow of your opposite arm and lift it up to the level of your face, then exert pressure towards the side. So that you feel that the lateral part of your shoulder is stretched.You must place your hand on the back of your neck and try to take your elbows as far back as you can, hold this position for 7 seconds and relax your arms. Each stretching exercise you should repeat between 5 to 7 times.3.2. Strengthening and Mobility Shoulder Exercises 3.2.1. Vertical flexionPush-ups on the floor can be complicated or impossible to perform because of shoulder pain, this option is a little softer and allows us to start with a strengthening routine where we gain strength progressively.Stand in front of a wall and support your hands on it leaving your arms fully stretched. In this position, you should only bring the torso forward by flexing the elbows and returning to the starting position.The experts of  Sports Injury Clinic recommend performing 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions during this exercise.3.2.1. Wall AngelsPlace your back fully against the wall, raise the arms so that the elbows are at shoulder height, the elbows and the back of the hand must be fully glued to the wall. From this position, you will slide your hands and elbows upwards without taking them off the wall and return to the starting image to: bostonbodyworkers.comDo 10 repetitions of this exercise. Remember that if you feel any discomfort during this exercise you should do it to a height that does not bother you.Lie on a bed or a mat on your back. Raise your hands so that they are shoulder height. Once you are in this position you must bring your hands up as if you wanted to touch the ceiling, hold this position for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position.You can do 12 repetitions of this exercise and gradually add weight.3.3. Mobility exercises with sticksFor the following exercises, it is necessary that you have a broomstick or a cane at hand.For the first, you must stand while keeping your back straight and your legs spread to the width of your shoulders. Take the ends of the stick with both hands and move it to the sides and stretch your arms as much as you can without feeling any image by You can also make circles with the arms, always having the stick taken by the ends and passing it over the head.As you progress and the mobility of your shoulder improves, you can carry the club from front to back by passing it over the head.Each of these exercises you must repeat between 8 to 12 times. In addition to this series of exercises, you must take into account the technique when performing the Bench Press, in order to prevent a painful shoulder injury. Always go to a professional, be a qualified trainer or sports injury therapist at  Manchester MY Sports Injury Clinic so that you have an opinion and help from someone who has knowledge based on proven evidence based science journals. 
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