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We live in a fast paced environment where our human bodies are placed under constant forms of both physical & psychological stress. Our mission was to improve the physical health and well-being of our human body to live a pain free lifestyle. We strive to educate individuals to listen to their bodies, reducing the unnecessary stresses and strains; freeing up any restrictions. Ray Ho Founded MY Sports Injury providing an holistic multi-disciplinary approach to manual therapy, changing the way of our conventional healthcare system.

  • OUR MISSION: Our mission is to improve the physical health and well-being of individuals to live a healthier lifestyle

  • OUR VISION: Our vision is to heal the world and make everyone live pain-free

Core Values 

We are focused on helping individuals live pain-free to improve their physical health and overall function. We strongly believe we should educate patients on self-management techniques and listening to their bodies to avoid further injury by offering a multidisciplinary approach to private healthcare and treatment services in Manchester