Body Restoring postural Yoga
Yoga Body Flow
This style of Yoga helps to reset and rejuvenate the body & mind through specifically targeted postural Yoga poses resulting in boosts of energy and vitality almost immediately leading to improved clarity and mental concentration. Most tend to think yoga is about being flexible physically but in fact it’s actually how flexible we are mentally from the inside out.
Put Your Body Through A Flowing Experience

Carly Yoga is a fully integrated private Yoga Instructor teaching a variety of yoga styles ranging from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yin yoga & Breath-work meditation.

She shares her unique style of Yin yoga combined with her own blends of essential oils to further enhance opening of fascial restrictions of connective tissue in the body with guided meditation breathing techniques to create a full mind-body connection.

Carly is also a qualified BSc (hons) Nutritionist with a passion to improve the overall health & nutrition of the body both externally & internally. Her passion in yoga is to to bring people together to move better and understand their body and mind connection and Cultivating the awareness of mindfulness on the Yoga mat. 

MY Sports Injury & Carly Tong Yoga is dedicated to helping you with injury prevention, education with common injuries or misalignment to manage and prevent pain or dysfunction. 

We customise a program suited to you! 

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