Traditional Acupuncture TCM
Natural healing and improve body functioning

Acupuncture is a Painless and non-invasive insertion of fine needles by our expert practitioners in Manchester.

Acupuncture is highly effective treatment for conditions such as headaches, work-related stress, acute or chronic injuries.

The Treatment can be used to decrease / relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve performance, and encourage natural healing. Triggerpoint are highly irritable and localised areas within your muscles. Muscles can refer pain to other areas in the body. The purpose of using Acupuncture is to sedate these trigger points and the pain they cause.

Natural healing and improve body functioning

" Went to see ray for some small issues with my back and wanted to improve my posture. I am a few sessions in and he’s so knowledgeable on such a wide range of topics that I now feel really equipped with techniques to help myself. Even tried some acupuncture alongside my gym rehab which has really helped my soreness. Would recommend, he’s always willing to answer any questions"

" I’ve seen Ray many times over the last year for various issues arising from different sports or aches and pains from work. He always gets me back on track and pain free. A nice guy and good to chat to as well Thank you! "

" Ray is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. I saw him a while ago for a sports massage but he’s kept in touch and this time I saw him for pain in my arm through using a mouse at work. He did Acupuncture, massage and shockwave therapy I also got some stretches to do and an email with information on. I like that you can book an appointment really easy by messaging him and he answers questions as well. I would recommend Ray. "