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Camilla is a Holistic Yoga Instructor offering online yoga classes direct to your home. She was trained by industry leader Michele Pernetta,(founder of Fierce Grace Yoga.) Practicing yoga for over a decade and teaching since 2015, she has accumulated years of study and observation of the human body.  Her teaching experience, working with many body types and a range of injuries has shown that everyone can reap the benefits of yoga, whether your young or old, fit or out of shape, injured or inflexible, yoga will strengthen the body and calm the mind. A regular practice will boost athletic performance by stimulating mental focus and increasing mobility, whilst lengthening and strengthening the muscles to help with injury rehabilitation. Camilla is honoured to share what she has learnt through her teaching. Yoga will switch on your parasympathetic nervous system, cortisol levels will decrease and the immune system will improve; stimulating the blood flow allows the body to heal, rest and recover faster. Backed by modern science the link between yoga and mental wellbeing is well documented. Her key teaching principle is kindness and her compassionate style will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and more in tune with your body. 

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