Iulia Rusu
Bsc, (Hons) MSc, HCPC, MCRPod

<p>Iulia graduated in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Salford in 2017 and continued with her studies with a Master of Theory of Podiatric Surgery in 2020 from Huddersfield University. Iulia has a wealth of knowledge working in private practice and for the NHS Manchester University Trust Foundation.</p><p>Iulia is highly skilled and has gained experience in all aspects of podiatry working in diabetic clinics and dealing with high-risk conditions such as peripheral arterial disease and doing lower limb vascular assessments. </p><p>Having a person only medicine certificate means she can prescribe for most foot health conditions.Iulia is highly experienced in lower limb MSK , biomechanical assessment and orthoses preion</p><p>Originally from Transylvania/Romania, Iulia now lives in Manchester. Her interests are travelling and learning about new cultures whilst speaking at international conferences and teaching.</p>
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